Project School Newspaper


Project School Newspaper is a learning platform that teaches kids the principles of journalism and the basic knowledge of creating a real newspaper. In this case... a school newspaper!


Categories: interactive, illustration, motion
Client: Persgroep Nederland
Year: 2015

Designing a learning platform for and with kids is a lot of fun.

We spent a lot of time researching the style and and discussing the structure of the platform. We even brought in a full school class of kids to inform us. Eventually the theory was divided into five classes: research, interviewing, photography, writing and design. Together with the guys from Patswerk we created a large family of ‘living- object-creatures’ that brought to life all five worlds. They were all animated to life and helped the kids with learning while they added a lot of joy to the platform at the same time.


The illustrations

The lesson structure

Every class was structured with an introduction lesson, multiple main lessons and at the end the big assignment. Students had to complete all the lessons to unlock the big assignment.



All theory was written with the help of real journalists. We illustrated and animated these experts as well. Every class had it's own expert. They became the helping hand in every chapter. They introduced their class and every subject of a lessons, but also gave tips and hints on certain theory.



The theory was filled with useful stuff. You could collect many 'hard words' and learn about them. Experts gave extra information in tips. Supporting and interesting images were found in every lesson while animated characters were dancing around making the kids smile.


Let's play

Playing is fun and kids love to play. So we gave that to them. We added many different types of interactive quizes and video’s to make learning more fun. Dragging stuff into the right order, ABC quizes, audio quizes and more were making the platform more than just reading.



Scoring well on a quiz, completing a lesson and finishing a whole class. It all got rewarded with some awesome collectable character-badges.



Agency: J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam
Design Direction: David Navarro
Interaction Design: Joeri Kiekebosch
Design: Richard Beerens
Illustration: Patswerk
Development: Superhero Cheesecake
Art Direction: Dalischa de Kok
Copywriting: Marijn van der Meer