Split App


Never forget who paid how much and what for. Split is the most easy-to-use mobile application for splitting expenses with your friends.


Categories: interactive, mobile, app
Client: Self-initiated
Year: 2015

Split the hassle.

Split is the ideal app when you don't want to think about sharing bills and calculating expenses. With Split you can easily create groups and add the friends that you want to share the bill with. When a person pays for an entire group of people, he or she can put the details into the app and Split will do all the thinking. At the end of the line, Split will tell exactly who needs to pay what and give your friends an easy and secure option to transfer their part of the bill without any additional costs.

Every group is customizable with a custom title and header image. Inside a group you can add payments or view details like friends, balance and a chronological list of payments.


Adding a payment is a matter of following some simple steps. Just type in the amount with a small description. If needed, change your currency. Split will automatically remember your last used currency and will also automatically change it for you based on your location. Handy, for when you are going abroad. Then you can choose the friends that you want to split the payment with. By default this will be the whole group. Those that are real picky, can even customize the amounts per friend.


Some animations


Partner in crime: Axel Eerbeek